Feeding the Earth. Nourishing the World.


Feeding the Earth. Nourishing the World.

There aren’t many businesses that can say their success was 30,000 years in the making. But LiquaDry, an organic farming and manufacturing company, credits a good deal of its suc- cess to a wealth of trace minerals deposited by a prehistoric lake. According to LiquaDry’s Co-Founder, Olivia LeBaron, the lake was formed from glacier melt, and once dried, it left trace minerals that created some of the most nutrient- dense soil in the world.

“Our farms are located in ancient lake beds,” she says. “The runoff that has been evaporating in this area for thousands of years gives us mineral-rich soil that grows healthy crops with superior nutritional values.”

These crops, combined with LiquaDry’s revolutionary drying process, have allowed the company to experience nearly 100 percent annual growth for the past few years. Today it is the number one provider of grass juice powder in the world, and its groundbreaking technology is setting the standard of “raw” for the industry.


“Our process retains the color, flavor, aroma and nutrients so that when our powder is reconsti- tuted with water, it is nearly identical to fresh juice. This is the EverRAW process, and it is currently defining what constitutes ‘raw,’” explains LeBaron.

Rapid Harvesting. Gentle Processing.

“We have spent the last 10 years developing the EverRAW process. We feed our soil, harvest healthy plants, keep them cool, dry them quickly at low temperatures and then provide raw nutrition for the world. People can literally taste the difference in our products,” says LeBaron.

In addition to the various grasses such as wheat, oats and barley that LiquaDry grows on its own farms, it also sources certified organic fruits and vegetables from premium farmers located primarily in the West. All of these are processed into raw juice powders and sold to health food manufacturers around the world, under the EverRAW brand. Chances are if you have picked up products in the green aisle, you are savoring the EverRAW process.

LeBaron was a staunch believer in taking care of the Earth long before the launch of LiquaDry. Since that time, however, she’s seen up close and personal the need for, and the results of, nurturing the Earth. “It takes healthy soil to produce superior plants,” she explains. “If we feed the Earth, it will continue to feed the world for centuries to come. Even with our unique, mineral-rich lands, we still take great care to avoid conventional farming and ensure we take the proper steps to replenish what our crops take from it.

“I love the reciprocal nature of what we do. We nourish the Earth and, in turn, it nourishes us. We heal the Earth, and the Earth heals us.”

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