Defining RAW

HEAT draws the line between raw and cooked foods. Exposing food to high temperatures can destroy the enzymes and nutrients.

Why Enzymes are a big deal

Enzymes are responsible for every metabolic process in the body. Life does not happen without enzymes.

Why 106° Farenheit

Your body temperature normally resides around 98.6°F, which is a perfect temperature for nutrients and enzymes to replenish your cells and tissues. Once your body temperature reaches 106°F, your cells and tissues begin to die.

Nutrients and enzymes cannot withstand temperatures above 116°F; however, it stands to reason that temperatures that destroy tissues and cells would also devastate the enzymes and nutrients that support life.

Overly cooking your food or reaching temperatures at or above 117°F changes the chemical properties of nutrients and completely destroys enzymes. Although you can eat the food, the body does not recognize or properly utilize the nutrients.

Why you will love everRAW ingredients and finished goods

No on else has the technology to dry at cool, ambient temperatures.

  • We stay at or below body temperature (98.6°F).
  • The only exception lasts LESS than two minutes, and the temperature never exceeds 106°F (41°C).

To retain nutrient levels, we keep our ingredients at the coolest temperatures when wet.

  • Many of the nutrients, phytonutrients, minerals, trace minerals and enzymes are most vulnerable when wet.

Other drying manufacturers use high temperatures that kill nutrients and the vital functions of enzymes.